Bay Village transfer station building to be demolished, kennel to remain

The Transfer Station Building at the Bay Village Service Department Garage on Naigle Road is scheduled to be demolished in early July. This building was built in 1976 with the construction of the service garage structure. The building has provided a transfer point at the north ramp and bay for waste disposal. The south bay was designed for road salt storage.

The building was constructed with concrete masonry walls and a precast concrete roof deck. The exposure to salt for thirty-four years caused the reinforcing steel in the roof deck to deteriorate and ultimately collapse under the weight of the concrete roof.

Following several years of engineering analysis with the city’s insurance company and several consultants, a consensus has been reached that the structure cannot be repaired and should be completely demolished. The City has plans to replace the building with the insurance proceeds.  

The Service Department is currently preparing an analysis of the facility needs within the department. A proposal will be submitted to City Council for consideration by mid-to-late-summer.

The Bay Village Kennel Building located on the west side of the Transfer Station Building will not be included in the upcoming demolition. Building Department records indicate that the Kennel Building was originally constructed in 1980 by Continental Cablevision of Northeast Ohio.

The cable company constructed the building to house the electrical and mechanical equipment for a television tower. In 1988 the tower was removed and the building was abandoned. Shortly after this time, the city converted the building into an animal shelter.

The Kennel continues to be a holding facility for stray and lost dogs in the city of Bay Village. Unclaimed dogs are transferred to the Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter, located at 9500 Sweet Valley Dr., Valley View, 216-525-7877.

The county provides this service at no additional cost to residents. These services are supported by dog licensing fees. Dog owners are reminded that Ohio law requires all dogs to be licensed. Licensing information is available at the kennel website or through the Cuyahoga County Fiscal Officer at

Dan Galli

City of Bay Village Service Director

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Volume 4, Issue 13, Posted 10:19 AM, 06.26.2012