North Coast Health Ministry is now North Coast Health

North Coast Health Ministry has changed its name to North Coast Health, in response to patient and consumer feedback on how to communicate our services to the community more effectively.

While the agency’s name has changed, its mission of providing charitable care to the low-income medically underserved in Greater Cleveland has not. While historically the agency was a free clinic that provided free care to the uninsured only, North Coast Health now provides care to the uninsured, “under-insured” and individuals covered by Medicare and Medicaid and other insurance programs.

“Our board decided to shorten our name to bring more clarity to our role as a provider of medical care,” said North Coast Health Executive Director Lee E. Elmore. “We learned through research in the community that our previous name caused some confusion among the people who need our services. We don’t want to be the ‘best kept secret’ in Cleveland but instead want to be able to serve as many people in need as we are able.”

Jeanine Gergel

Jeanine Gergel is Assistant Executive Director at North Coast Health.

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Volume 6, Issue 4, Posted 9:28 AM, 02.18.2014