Westlake Historical Society honors volunteers

The Hansen girls, from left, Morgan, Meredith, Grace and Gabrielle, were collectively named Student of the Year by the Westlake Historical Society.

The Westlake Historical Society is an organization that always seems to have something going on. At the center of it all, the goal is to promote Westlake history to all audiences.

It might be members dressing as Walter and Sophronia Clague to share our rich history with the students at Westlake schools. Or taking part in community parades, organizing the annual Evergreen Cemetery tour, providing Boy Scouts with projects to help them achieve Eagle rank, or leading tours of the historic Clague Museum.

Many ask us how we do so much? The answer is easy; we have incredible, dedicated volunteers of all ages. Those volunteers are truly the heartbeat of our organization.
The Westlake Historical Society does not own Westlake's history. The history belongs to the community. It is our mission to preserve it, share it and honor it. The best way we can do that is with our wonderful members/volunteers.
The Historical Society is pleased to announce the winners of three yearly awards given out each summer. Gayle Hill, cemetery administrator for the City of Westlake, was selected as the winner of the Vincent Cooley President's Award. Gayle's assistance to the society is invaluable. Dave Pfister was the recipient of the Gretchen Wang Volunteer Spirit Award.Dave can be seen performing many roles throughout the community on behalf of the society. The Hansen sisters, Morgan, Meredith, Grace and Gabrielle, were chosen collectively as Student of the Year. Morgan will be a senior at Westlake High School. Meredith will be a freshman at Westlake High School. Grace and Gabrielle are entering sixth grade at Dover Intermediate School.

If you would like more information about membership to the Westlake Historical Society, please email us at westlakehistory@yahoo.com, or call us at 440-808-1961.

Lysa Stanton

I am a fan of the history of Westlake!! Westlake Historical Society

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