Bus tour takes riders on trip through Bay's memories

Village Bicycle Cooperative board member Carl Gonzalez leads a bus tour of some interesting historical sites in Bay Village. Photo by Rebecca Krueger

The Village Bicycle Cooperative and the Bay Village Historical Society teamed up with the Dwyer Memorial Senior Center on April 28 to present a 14-mile historical tour through the memories of Bay Village.

The event was to help publicize the cooperative’s upcoming “History Mystery Tour” bicycle ride through the city, scheduled for Saturday, May 7.

Local citizens boarded the community’s 14-passenger “covered wagon” to learn about the city’s rich history, spanning from 1810 to the present.“The mystery wave,” Sam Sheppard, Eliott Ness and Cahoon family stories were just four of many discussed that day.

Carl Gonzalez, board member of the bike cooperative, emceed the tour while Eric Eakin, board member of the historical society, added backstory and tidbits of delightful commentary.

As the tour unfolded, participants chimed in with their own memories and revealed many “secrets” about the town. Laughter and smiles filled the air on the 90-minute journey.

Upon disembarking, participants enjoyed an 1810-style picnic, featuring foods reminiscent of the menu the Cahoon family enjoyed during one of their annual October reunions. It was a true cooperative effort as individuals signed up to bring delicious items to make the meal a success.

Leslie Selig, director of the Dwyer Center, said she was delighted with the turn out. Because the first bus quickly filled, another tour date was added on April 26 to handle the overflow.

We were very pleased with the community spirit reflected on the tour. Communities are only as strong as the number of their engaged citizens. Clearly, the city of Bay Village continues to have a very solid foundation.

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Volume 8, Issue 9, Posted 9:44 AM, 05.03.2016