BHS Science Club teams with Westerly for virtual STEM challenges

Floating eggs, density tube, floating paper clips! Driveway maze, robotic friend, maze through your house! These are just some of the free virtual STEM challenges for Bay Village students in grades K-4.

Working with Westerly Elementary School's Lindsey Harris and Martha Fisher, retired third-grade Westerly teacher, Bay High School Science Club members Casey Bartman, Jimmy Bish and Leo Cavalier created mini challenges that highlighted the focused challenges, "Build a Boat" and "a-MAZEing." All the challenges used materials that could easily be found at home.

Throughout the week of July 13, Zoom meetings were held to answer questions and then to share completed projects. Participating students even challenged the high school kids to extend their mini challenges: Would a raw egg float in Jimmy’s density column? Could Leo float at least 14 paper clips in a bowl? What would happen to Casey’s egg if he put it in vinegar and water?

Lots of ideas and projects were shared among the challenge staff and students. The enthusiasm of Casey, Jimmy and Leo for all things STEM resonated with the kids and parents too.

These STEM challenges will remain online at until the beginning of school. Great activities for a summer day!

Martha Fisher

STEM Camp Coordinator

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Volume 12, Issue 14, Posted 10:07 AM, 07.21.2020