Bay Village Schools creates Black History Month challenge

Mrs. Alison Volkmann’s third-grade students honor Martin Luther King Jr. during Black History Month with their own “ I Have a Dream...” project.

On Feb. 1, Bay Village Schools’ Diversity and Equity Committee kicked off its inaugural Black History Month 28-Day Challenge. The team of administrators, educators, students and community members curated a calendar with events for each day of the month, and participants are encouraged to choose three events per week, or participate in one major event during the entire month. Events include everything from virtual museum tours and podcasts, to family story times and poetry projects.

Participants who meet the challenge by the end of February will receive a digital badge to add to their email signature line.

Steps to participate:
1. Access the Black History Month 28-Day Challenge Calendar by visiting the Bay Village Schools website,
2. Identify an Accountability Partner who will serve as your reinforcement to complete the weekly or monthly challenge activities.
3. Choose three events per week, or one major event to participate in for the month. A major event could be reading an entire novel related to the theme of Black History Month, or volunteering or attending various Black History Month events as shared on the Challenge Calendar.
4. Document your participation. At the end of the month, send your activity lists and the name of your Accountability Partner to: Mr. Tom Grodek, or Mr. Ramsey Inman,

Students, parents, teachers and community members are encouraged to participate. If you have any questions, please use the email addresses above, or call Bay Village Schools at 440-617-7300.

Karen Uthe Semancik

Karen Uthe Semancik is the communications director for Bay Village Schools.

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