Westlake removing Bassett school building

Bassett Elementary School will be razed and the land turned into a community green space. Photo by Denny Wendell

Westlake City Schools will be reconfiguring the area on which Bassett Elementary School now stands. With the building no longer in use and in need of expensive repairs, the school district has deemed it more economically beneficial to raze it. The district recently passed a resolution determining that the Bassett and Holly Lane land will be retained and turned into a green space open to the public, easing concerns of nearby residents who feared the grounds being sold to a private developer.

“The Bassett School building has been a valuable resource to our district for many years,” said Westlake Superintendent Dr. Scott Goggin. “We have no plans to sell the property as we find it will be more useful to our community as a green space. And the site will be more beneficial to Westlake Schools years from now when we will need a lot that fits the needs of a growing school district.”

The transformation of the area is in the first phase of a five-phase plan with preparations for demolition in place. The next phase, taking place in July and August, will be the actual removal of the building. During this time, the playground on the Bassett lot will be temporarily closed, representing the third phase. 

The site will be reconditioned, and the green space prepared for public use, during the fourth phase in August and September. The final phase will be the removal of the modular classrooms that currently sit on the Bassett lot. 

The public will be able to utilize the restored playground and green space after Labor Day weekend.  

“We’re happy to be providing a place for children and families to enjoy outdoor activities and exercise,” Dr. Goggin added. “Strategically speaking, this reconfiguration makes the most sense for our district and the community.

For more information on Westlake City Schools, visit wlake.org.

Kathleen Crouse

I am a PR professional working with all education clients in the NEO area.

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