It used to take work

This might sound a little old school, but it wasn’t long ago when work used to take work. I remember my dad leaving early in the morning to walk to the bus stop, take the bus downtown and then walk from wherever the bus dropped him off to his office. It was work just to get to work.

My father-in-law tells stories of how the Japanese businessmen he dealt with would have him fly halfway around the world just because they wanted to shake his hand and sign the contract in person at the airport. They wanted to see how much he was willing to work for their business.

Today, with pajamas on, we open our laptops, join a Zoom chat and we are in Japan doing the same thing. And it doesn’t take a 38-hour flight.

Now you might be saying we’ve learned how to work smarter, not harder. You might be right, but are we better off?

All too often I hear: “I can’t find a good plumber,” “I can’t find a good painter,” “I can’t find a good electrician.”

Where did they all go? Work takes work. Maybe they’ve seen how easy it is to work these days and they’ve taken the easy way out.

You can’t really blame them. It would take too much work.

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Volume 14, Issue 5, Posted 10:29 AM, 03.01.2022