About Us

What We Are

The Westlake | Bay Village Observer is a project developed by local residents that strengthens our community by encouraging an active, engaged and informed citizenry.

We have seen the successes of similar efforts in Lakewood and Cleveland Heights/University Heights - greater involvement in community groups, libraries, schools and businesses - and hope to bring the same benefits to our community.

The content of the website and free newspaper is provided by citizens of Westlake | Bay Village. We rely on advertising revenue to offset the cost of printing and production. We encourage volunteers to get out into the community and report on local news and happenings.

If you see something of interest, write about it or take a picture and send it in!


Who We Are

The production crew of the Westlake | Bay Village Observer is a small group of residents that work together to keep the project running smoothly. We consider ourselves “facilitators” because we don’t control the content of the website/newspaper, but simply collect submitted stories and pictures and publish them for the enjoyment of the community. Our editor reviews stories for spelling and grammatical errors, but makes no changes that would alter the main idea or intent of a story.

Our mission is to make the Observer open and accessible to all in our community, and to provide assistance to anyone who wants to participate. You can reach us by calling (440) 409-0114, or via email at: staff@wbvobserver.com. We are happy to answer any questions you may have! 



Over 220 community residents have joined the Westlake | Bay Village Observer team so far, and the list is ever-growing! Our members include leaders of community groups, elected officials, students, seniors and poets — people from all walks of life who have something interesting to share. There's always room for more; join in today!