Scott outlines city agenda

Councilman-at-Large Jim Scott

Two questions I often hear from Bay Village residents are “Why are you running for Mayor?” and “What are you going to do that’s different?”  Here’s the answer.  I’m going to:

  • Reduce city spending and save taxpayers money. 
  • Hold Town Hall meetings and answer residents’ questions. 
  • Implement a long-term plan to maintain and improve our city infrastructure – buildings, sewers and streets. 
  • Bring transparency to every aspect of city government.
Improving efficiency and saving taxpayers money will be a key aspect of my administration’s process.  We can maintain service levels and reduce spending by keeping a close watch on payroll and benefits costs, avoiding unnecessary litigation, rethinking our policy on city vehicles, eliminating wasteful spending, and introducing new efficiencies in city departments.  Spending reduction starts with a change in attitude about “business as usual” spending habits. 

Regular Town Hall meetings are an important and effective way to communicate with residents.  I have supported and conducted Town Hall meetings since my first year on City Council (2004).  This is just one of several things I will do to improve communication with residents.

Properly managing city infrastructure requires long-term thinking. Unfortunately, we do not currently have a long-term maintenance plan for city buildings, sewers, and streets.  As Mayor I will remedy this situation. 

Transparency in Bay’s city government is long overdue.  Too often residents must make public records requests to secure information that should be readily available.  As Mayor I will require each city department to prepare an annual report summarizing the previous year’s activities and breaking down the departmental budget.

These will be my top priorities as your Mayor.  I’ll provide additional information in the coming weeks.  Please go to,  or contact me at 440-892-0685 or if you have questions or comments.  Thank you.

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Volume 1, Issue 1, Posted 3:52 PM, 08.22.2009