Cub Scouts, Green Team join forces to protect Lake Erie

Cub Scouts line up for a group photo after stenciling area storm drains. From left: Jayson Miller, Jackson Ziemnik, Joseph Russell, Soren Manson, Henry Wyman, Oliver Maier, Matthew Snyder and Quinn Yoder. Photo by Neil Valenta

On Saturday, Sept. 22, Cub Scouts from Pack 39 out of Bay Village got together with members of the Bay Village Green Team to spray paint warnings next to the storm drains around the middle school and library. The warnings are brief, “Lake Erie Starts Here” and “Do Not Dump,” yet extremely important to one of our most precious regional resources, Lake Erie. Not only does our great lake provide multiple recreational outlets, increased property values, world-class walleye fishing and so much more it is also our source of drinking water.

Claire Brunch, from the Cuyahoga Soil and Water Conservation District, helped facilitate the project and informed the scouts that anything that goes into the storm drains in Bay Village will end up flowing into Lake Erie. The storm drains are not the same as sewers which go through treatment facilities. Any liquids and materials that enter storm drains will not be treated prior to entering the lake.

The fact that whatever goes into our storm drains will directly effect the lake water we swim in, the fish, plants and animals that call the lake their home as well as our drinking water should be reasons enough to never dispose of anything down the drains. It also gives reason to pause and think before using any harmful products that could be washed into the lake during a rain storm.

The Pack 39 Webelos (fourth grade) and Arrow of Light (fifth grade) Cub Scouts were supplied with reflective vests, gloves, spray paint and stencils before being briefed by Warren Remein and Foster McMasters of the Bay Village Green Team on safety and which storm drains were designated to be stenciled. The scouts proceeded to clean and prep the areas next to the storm drains that were best suited for maximum exposure to their message and took turns using the bright blue spray paint to let everyone know the consequences of putting anything into the storm drain.

Both the Green Team and the Cub Scouts were more than willing to stencil more storm drains throughout Bay Village, but due to safety concerns along the roads those storm drains will have to wait until another day. The Bay Village Cub Scouts and the Green Team encourage you to please keep in mind that our natural resources are finite and it is up to every individual to do the right thing to keep those resources healthy and viable for future generations.

This community activity is just one example of the positive effects of scouting. Bay Village has a very strong scouting program. If you have a family member or relative of scouting age please look into our local Cub Scout and Boy Scout packs.

Neil Valenta

I am a resident of Bay Village, Ohio and I volunteer as a Webelos Den Leader and Cub Master for Cub Scout Pack 39 out of Normandy Elementary School.

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Volume 10, Issue 19, Posted 9:53 AM, 10.02.2018