Dating 101

Learn and laugh about the ins and outs of the modern dating scene when Bay Village Community Theater presents three short one-act plays as part of its “All the World’s a Stage[d Reading]” series.

Where’s the best place to meet a potential date? At a bar? At a photocopy machine? Are friends a good source of advice? Would you shake hands or kiss on a first date? Actors Patrick Meehan, Ben Saylor and Barbara Wysocki will explore these questions and more in Australian playwright Alex Broun’s “Jammed,” “Turn the Other Cheek” and “Spading.”

Broun is an award-winning playwright whose plays have been performed around the world. His most famous one-act play, “10,000 Cigarettes,” has had over 2,000 stagings and was performed by Bay Village Community Theater in 2017.

The free performances are Saturday, June 22, 2 p.m., at O’Neill Healthcare, 605 Bradley Road; and Sunday, June 23, 6 p.m., at St. Barnabas Episcopal Church, 468 Bradley Road.

margaret hnat

volunteer for Bay Village Community Theater. Am also a former journalist for the Chronicle Telegram and a freelance writer and assistant professor of English at Tri-C.

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Volume 11, Issue 12, Posted 9:42 AM, 06.18.2019