Then and Now in Dover, Part 3

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  • Leiter postcard of High Level bridge near North Dover, c. 1911, then. Postcard image courtesy of Bob Collins.

  • Possible former location of the High Level Bridge near North Dover, now, corner of West Oviatt and Cahoon Roads, photograph by Will Krause

  • Historical photograph of Lake Shore Electric viaduct over the Rocky River in 1905. Published in "The Lake Shore Electric Railway Story" from the Karel Liebenauer collection. Identical construction to Dover bridge pictured on Leiter postcard.

  • Hopkins 1914 Plat Map showing possible locations of form Dover High Level bridge. 1. In Huntington Park, 2. In Cahoon Park, 3. At West Oviatt and Cahoon Roads. 4. Cahoon sawmill site. 5. Oviatt sawmill site. 6. Rose Hill. 7. Bay City Hall. 8. Cahoon Ledges. Map by Will Krause

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